Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Your Grace Finds Me"

Matt Redman has been one of my favorite artists for a few years. I think it started when my sister-in-law was battling breast cancer. We were having a semi family reunion at the time. This included a Sunday morning where we all attended church at my brothers church. It was a special service that included my other brother preaching, I shared something I had written and my brother-in-law and nephew sang a duet of Matt Redman’s song “You Never Let Go”. They did an incredible job with the song and it was perfect for what we were all experiencing as we walked through my sister-in-laws cancer together as a family.

Matt Redman has a fairly new song out now that has really been hitting a chord with me. The song is “Your Grace Finds Me”. It is a powerful song that explores how far the grace of God goes in its pursuit of us.
In half of the lyrics the grace of God is readily seen. 

When you first hear the cry of a “newborn” baby, it is easy to see the grace of God! In the “light of every sunrise”, is there any doubt? The ”mountain top”, if you have been to the mountain top, physically and experiencally you know the grace of God! Sometimes God’s grace is so powerful it brings on the “dancing”. On the “wedding day”, I gotta tell you, my wedding may have been close to 28 years ago, but the grace of God was intertwined throughout the entire ceremony! It’s there for the ”rich”, for the “saint”, and it’s “in the sweetest songs of victory”. All those things undoubtedly show God’s grace in powerful ways.

But what about the other lyrics in his song? What about the “shadows”? The shadows are the dark days of life. Those who have struggled with depression know these dark days. They will tell you that they can be bright and cheerful one minute and then depression envelopes them like a dark cloud. Is God’s grace there as well?  Can you see God’s grace in the “everyday mundane”? You know what I am talking about don’t you? Those days that are just…well kinda blah. Not bad, but certainly not good. Can you sense the presence of God’s grace in those times? What about in those times of “sorrow”? The doctor uses the word cancer, your family has just experienced a miscarriage and this is not the first, you could probably add to the list. How could God’s grace possibly be there? Have you been “by the graveside”? Have you been “poor”?  “There in the darkest night of the soul”? Don’t give me your canned Christian answer, when people are going through the times mentioned in this paragraph those canned answers are of little value. I want an answer from your heart, from your life. In what ways is the grace of God present in this paragraph?

I’m interested in what you have to say, so listen to the song and leave your comment. I may add some of my own.


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