Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lets Roll!

Knowing full well that these words would guarantee the loss of his own life as well as the lives of all others with him, Todd Beamer turned from the phone on the jet and said to the heroes present with him; "Let's Roll!" With that, the soon to be martyrs moved from their position huddled in the back of United Flight 93, stood to their feet, and rushed the cockpit. I believe that there were three thoughts firmly planted in the minds of all of them that day. The first, with the pilot and co-pilots lifeless bodies lying in the aisle, deaths powerful unyielding grip already held each of them tightly. The second, companions of their captors had already turned three other jetliners into powerful weapons of mass destruction. The third, unless they moved now and moved quickly, their own jetliner would soon pierce the side of another well thought out target. Undoubtedly, many of them committed their own lives to Him who counted it a privilege to shed His blood for them. They swiftly rushed into the cockpit and overpowered the only ones who could safely land the plane. Moments later they exploded into a Pennsylvania hillside. While there was a part of their minds that thought of those whom their eyes would never see again, in their hearts they knew that the time had come for the "Pledge of Allegiance" to move beyond a rote recitation, to a strong, undeniable fact inscribed that day in their own blood. While their voices may not have said so, their actions loudly shouted, for the whole world to hear; "I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE, TO THE FLAG, OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!"

With the perfect vision that hindsight provides for us, we see the urgency in their actions that day. We have come to understand the motives of the enemy. We know that, to a certain degree, the very lifeblood of our Nation was at stake. Their actions were not only admirable, they were of paramount importance. In a spiritual sense, we as Christians today are staring into the face of our own 911. Our enemy, who is far more powerful than the al Qaida, aims his own weapons of mass destruction at the very spiritual core of all mankind. The only thing standing in his way is a very small number of Spiritual heroes, who daily present their bodies as living sacrifices to the King of all kings. While most Christians believe that what God is looking for is those who are willing to die for Him, the truth is, what He really wants, is those who are willing to live for Him. Those who understand the power of the enemy, realize that the only chance we have of victory, is to humbly yield ourselves daily into God's all-powerful Hands, to allow Him to work in us and through us. Though there are times His purpose makes no sense to us, our allegiance is proven, when our actions take hold of His marching orders, and we look neither to the left or the right and, in faith march forward.

This battle cry goes out to all who call on the name of Jesus today… "Lets Roll!" Death has no grip on our life, and the Spirit of God Almighty has given all of us the power to shake loose the firm grip of the enemy, to put on the full armor of God and march forward claiming great victories in Jesus name. The time has come for believers today to inscribe on the very heart of God a new list of heroes to be added to the spiritual Hall of Fame in Hebrews 11. Will you roll with me today?!

This battle is for weak warriors in the Hands of a Mighty God, who will lift their eyes towards heaven and proclaim; "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Are you weak today? "Lets Roll!"

This battle is for fearful soldiers whose only courage comes from the Spirit of God who indwells them. Are you fearful today? "Lets Roll!"

This battle is for reluctant troops who will not take a step forward until they hear the voice of the commander and chief. Are you reluctant today? Listen, not just to His command, but also His plea, "Lets Roll!"

Brothers and sisters in Christ, the time has come today for all of us, young and old, male and female, weak, fearful, reluctant, every last one of us, to step out of the safety of our foxholes and to storm the gates of the enemy. God's very Word assures us, we will prevail, "Lets Roll!"

Written in August 2002
Remembering 9-11
Jim Canady

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